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Origami is focused on simplifying oracle deployments for any project, on any chain.

State-of-the-art. Modular. Open-sourced.

A value generative oracle is a vital public good for the long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem.

By removing fees, opening governance, and fostering a culture of collective curators, we can help catalyze a more fluid and composable blockchain ecosystem, empowering developers and users alike.


The beauty of Origami is that it is purely used to nurture omnichain composability.

Oracles as they exist today act as middlemen between data providers and data consumers, not as a resource for developers.

We've changed that.

Extrapolation of value = bad.
Monetization for everyone = good.

Meme Team

Code shared, wisdom flows,
Meme magic spreads through the vibe,
Cypherpunk's soul thrives.

Open source oracle,
"Can't touch this", MC Hammer,
Decentralized trust.

Transparent truth flows,
No barriers to access,
Web3's true essence.

All This Oracle Data, Simplified.

We partner with some of the most impactful organizations fueling the future of open source software and public goods.

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